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The recreational facilities and amenities within the building will provide you with a much needed rest and relaxation after a busy week at work. Take a step back and enjoy the beauty of the Quezon City skyline on the building’s view deck.  The vast and wondrous view will help you contemplate life and behold the moment. It is also a great place to bring a loved one for a deep conversation.

Run away and forget the hustle bustle of the city life by transporting yourself to the lux tranquility of rural life with the estate’s serenity garden.

The estate encourages its residents to live well by allowing them to take a deep breath and be one with nature by lounging on the building’s lawn and landscape spaces. They can also take care of their body and watch their figure in the building’s indoor gym.

Last but definitely not the least, nothing is more important than making happy and picturesque memories with your family and friends. The building offers its residents an adult and children’s pool, a great way for residents to bond and have some fun under the sun. Residents with kids will also be happy to know that there will be children’s play area for their sons and daughters to make friends and exercise.

There is a clubhouse for residents to relax and meet their neighbors. Function rooms are also available for events, it is ready for both your leisure and business purpose.

  • Adult and Kiddie Pool
  • Clubhouse and Function Rooms
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Indoor Gym
  • Lawn and Landscaped spaces
  • Serenity Gardens
  • View Deck
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